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Our Courses

  • Best Value

    Ethical Hacking- learn penetration testing: 2023

    This course will provide you the practical basics of pentesting
    Valid for one month
    • Pre Recorded raw session videos
    • Discord group for discussion
    • Certificate of completion
    • 2 days a week live interaction with Ashish
    • Custom starting date while purchasing the course
  • Live: Pentesting - 101

    This is an on demand live training program on pentesting.
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 4 Week live training program
    • Live interaction with the instructor
    • Internship opportunity with us
    • Tips on landing your first pentesting job
    • Discord group for discussion
    • Certificate of completion
  • Bug bounty edition: Reconnaisance

    Learn the art of reconnaissance with us!
    Valid for one week
    • Tools of trade for recon and automate them.
    • Linux for reconnaisance.
    • Automated Javascript file recon.
    • Automated subdomain takeover scanner.
    • Automated reconnaissance with telegram bot.

Previous Training Feedback

Trained over 200 students from 5+ countries!

Sergey Nazrayan
Associate Professor, Rostov State University, Russia

To be honest this one-month Training excessed all my expectations. It gave me a powerful charge of inspiration and a strong understanding of the way to develop pentesting skills for myself and for my students. Ashish and Jay, you have done really inspiring work. Thank you!

Manoj GB
IT Security Engineer

It keeps me active in my field by doing small tasks, also gained some technical knowledge and stuff.

Asli Abdurahiman
Associate Security Engineer

Learned a lot of new stuff. The classes were informative and exciting at the same time. Thank you for this internship opportunity.

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