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At the point when the web was conceived, nobody at any point believed that it will be a valuable piece of future and furthermore fabricating it. The web is an all inclusive associated organize framework that utilizes TCP/IP to transmit information by means of different sorts of media. The web is a system of worldwide trades – including private, open, business, scholarly and government systems – associated by guided, remote and fiber-optic innovations. Web made digital world and we are pleased residents of it. We are known by our web-based social networking records, insane and cools names (here and there strange as well!!) we kept on our profiles, we meet, talk and make new companions on the web.

Web is a decent spot till we disregard its clouded side. As we probably aware that when there is something great, terrible is simply behind it, same as digital world is likewise having a negative side.

Cyber world gave us numerous productive and extraordinary things, incredible information, correspondence, news continuously, innovativeness and let you realize other individuals and their way of life. Be that as it may, there are numerous who utilize the web for their very own benefit, they cheat, control and do deceitful business and all these are known as trick or digital misrepresentation in digital world.

The internet is the most widely used communication network ever constructed. It’s used by millions of humans and machines every second of every day. There are great and terrible things occurring on the web, and among the awful, things are continuous endeavors to trick honest individuals out of their cash or characters.

There are thousands of types of scams arises everyday, Mostly used for stealing money, property, or information. We will discuss about the famous five scams which you should know.

Phishing Email

One of the most well used brain’s idea and  widespread internet scams, a phishing email lures you into divulging your login credentials (your username and password) by resembling legitimate correspondence from companies or websites you regularly use. Phishing scams make you click a link that delivers you to a fake web page, where you are prompted to enter your ID and password. The scammers then use that information to access your account or sell your data for money.

Ransomware scam

You ever notice you get many mails in your spam which says either you won a lottery or for get a free tour. You just have to click on the link given in those emails and you are done. Yes, you are done after that because after clicking on those links it download the ransomware in your devices and encrypt it, The hacker says they’ll give you access again if you pay them. And if you pay them the money they’re asking for, there’s no guarantee they’ll unlock your files. Some ransomware scams don’t hack your computer, they make you believe they did. Be careful before clicking on any link whether it comes from known or unknown person. These scams are also known as extortion scams.

Social Media Scams

Everybody wants to get famous and known to others, and why not its great and  everybody loves it. People want blue tick on their social media profile, they want other people follow them and they want to create a great audience, and this is where scammers make their ways to scam. Have you ever get an email or message where it says see who viewed your profile or get a verified badge on your profile or just get free thousands of followers. Yes, these are all scams and are highly active right now on social media and people are getting caught into it. Getting free followers are just bots, you need to do a procedure to get a verified badge on your profile, and using third party  apps for likes, shares and followers will breach your privacy and may also your account.

The Famous Nigerian Scam

I am sure you have faced this mail. The Nigerian scam involves an email from an alleged member of a wealthy Nigerian family. They desperately need help getting a very large sum of money out of the country. All you need do is cover the endless legal expenses and other fees that must be paid to the authorities to release the fictional fortune. Once the money is freed up, they’ll give you a cut. Whenever you get an email like this, just ignore and delete it.

Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Scams

Since so many cryptocurrency-related businesses are relatively new, it’s difficult to know which ones are legit. Criminals have capitalized on this and simply take people’s money through fake or questionable exchanges. They may also give free ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or give you highly profitable cryptocurrency investment schemes so you invest in them. Once you invest in them, your money’s gone and you don’t have any idea about it. Cryptocurrency market is being so volatile, it’s not uncommon to hear about massive gains over a short period of time, and this where people lost their thinking and for fast profit invest in scams. Read the company’s info and white paper and also do deep research before investing in any cryptocurrency only if its legal.

There are thousands of scam ongoing around the cyberworld, Like fake social media websites to get you credentials, virus and malware installed pop-ups, free products and gifts pages, survey scams to get your personal details and many more. Internet is a safe place if we think before clicking.

Always cross check before doing anything on cyber world. Be safe and secure.

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