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Cyberspace during Covid-19

We all are going through a tough time .A time that we never expected would come ,but it has come and we are surviving each day .Our prayers and love goes out to all of you .

We at Bluefire-Redteam has been monitoring the indirect affects of covid-19 in the cyber space .Don't worry covid-19 doesn't affect computer systems (believe me its a huge relief) .This post is all about generalizing the indirect affects of covid-19 in the cyberspace .

Increase in cyber crimes :

Well yes you read it right ,cyber criminals has managed to work their creative mind around covid-19 as well and many innocents has fallen pray to their traps .Its a human psychology that when we are put at a position of not knowing whats going on then our mind starts to wonder around looking for answers and before we know it we end up turning up each and every stones .Its is this psychology that cyber criminals managed to exploit .

Malware spread:

With the advent of covid-19 panic started to spread and soon enough people around the globe were confined to their homes (still we are I suppose) .So they started using online means to know more about covid-19 and wanted to start keeping tracks about the affects of covid-19 so as to manage their curiosity .Many genuine websites came up with real-time tracking of covid-19 around the globe which gave a greater insights about what is going on .

Along with those genuine websites there came fake ones too that were responsible for spreading malwares ,even a Covid-19 ransomware also starts spreading

A well written article from Mcafee will help you gain deeper knowledge about it

Read here

Fake news and misinformation :

A chain of fake news started emerging on the internet increasing panic among people all over the world .Fake news were mostly about the origin of covid-19 ,its symptoms ,how it spreads ,fake medical suggestions ,superstitious alternatives for covid-19 cure etc etc

Below are some links from reputed websites regarding fake news during covid pandemic


UN news - -

In many parts of the world Covid-19 was highly politicized as well .

Phishing Campaigns :

Soon enough phishing campaigns also started to emerge with people receiving fake emails regarding covid-19 so as to compromise their user credentials .It was reported that there was around 667% increase in phishing attacks that was related to Covid-19 .

Economic times has a well written article on it read here

Surge of data into cyberspace :

Apart from all the cyber crimes there has been huge pour of data during the covid-19 pandemic and it is till increasing .It is mainly due to the work-from-culture that came up .Many where compelled to turn for online means to continue their job related activities .Online meetings ,Online conference ,Online submission of projects ,Online classes for students ,Online payments ,Online shopping etc .This eventually resulted in surge of data into cyberspace .

Internet has been of a great help during this pandemic but its a double-edged sword ,so if you don't follow cyber hygiene then you might end up being a victim of cyber crimes as well .


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