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Updated: Feb 5, 2021

This post is all dedicated to the cyber intelligence search engine that I became a fan of since I used it for the first time. It is Spyse.

What is Spyse ?

Spyse is a search engine can be used to gather information related to internet assets and it comes in handy while performing passive reconnaissance as part of a security operation.

Spyse is capable enough to provide you with critical information at your fingertips

Below image shows you with various options that Spyse provides you with

Domain: Search any domain to find domain information

IP: Search an IP address to find IP address information

AS: Search Autonomous System (AS) information

CIDR: Find Classless Inter-Domain Routing information

Certificate: Search information about server certificates

Organization: FInd organization info using organization name

CVE: Find Information about any Common Vulnerability Exposure

Technology: Find information based on any technology name

Lets discuss about the awesome arsenal of tools that Spyse provides you at your disposal

Domain Lookup

Explore detailed information about a domain

  • General Info

  • DNS Records

  • DNS History

  • Security Score

  • Technologies

  • Crawl Results

  • Current Certificate

  • Subdomains


  • Organization

  • Emails

ASN Lookup

Find Autonomous System Numbers with connected data

  • General Info

  • Hosted Domains

  • IPs with open ports

  • IPv4 Prefixes

  • IPv6 Prefixes

Reverse DNS Lookup

Find a DNS PTR record of any IPv4 address

  • General Info

  • DNS Records

  • DNS History

  • Security Score

SSL Certificate Lookup

Find certificates by a domain name or fingerprint

  • General Info

  • Subject

  • Subject Alternative Names - Domains

  • Status code

Reverse AdSense Lookup

Find all domains with the same AdSense ID. Helps you find connection between websites

Company Lookup

Find related company assets by its name

  • Logo

  • Organization

  • Official website

  • Categories

  • Location

Port Scanner

Find open ports and vulnerabilities

  • IP

  • OSH (On Same Port)


  • Security Score

  • Location

  • Open ports

  • ASN

  • AS

CVE Search

Find vulnerable domains and IP addresses by CVE ID

  • General info

  • Severity CVSS 3.0

  • Severity CVSS 2.0

  • References

Technology Checker

Search for technologies on the websites.

  • Name

  • Website

  • Type

  • Description

  • Organization

Advanced Search :

Spyse Advanced Search helps to optimize your request and helps you find specific information

You can check here to learn how to utilize the advance search capability of Spyse

They have also provided a video for better understanding

You can also check Syse's youtube channel for more tutorials

You can also use Spyse API, read more about it here

Final Thoughts:

I'm somebody who is really interested in reconnaissance and my experience after using Spyse is really amazing. Its a researcher friendly platform that helps in easing up the entire internet assets recon process.

Hope this post is informational enough.

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