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Ultimate Termux Guide for Beginners

Hello secfolks lets talk about Termux

What it is ??

Termux is the ultimate Android emulator and native Linux operating system that works directly without any requirement for rooting(for basic implementations). The basic base system is installed automatically and additional packages are available using the APT package manager.

Where to find it ?

Well you can easily install Termux from Google Play Store like any other app

Click here to visit

For iPhone users out there, there are alternatives for Termux namely iSH and Blink Shell.

You can find more details about them here

Now back to Termux, After you install Termux it will greet you with warm welcome.

Although installing and using Termux doesn't demand the device to be rooted but under certain advance implementations rooting is eminent such as :

  • If you want to modify a device's firmware

  • Manipulation of the parameters of the operating system or kernel

  • Non-interactively install or uninstall APKs

  • If you want to have full R/W access to all file systems on device

  • If you want to have direct access to hardware devices such as BT/Wi-Fi modules or serial lines

  • Install a Linux distribution on top of Android

  • To have a full control over your device

There are certain commands that you have to run in Termux right after you have installed it.

-To update and upgrade

apt-get update

-This updates Termux

apt-get upgrade

-This upgrades the not upgraded files to a latest Version

-To install Python

pkg install python

pkg install python2

pkg install python3

-These commands installs versions of python in Termux which will help you to run python programs in Termux

-To install git

pkg install git

- This installs git which is required to download or clone github repositories

Below are the commands to install some security tools in Termux

"Disclaimer: This tutorial is only for educational purpose"

1) Metasploit Framework:

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

pkg install unstable-repo

pkg install metasploit

To run Metasploit Framework:


2) NMAP:

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

pkg install curl

pkg install nmap


pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

apt install python python2

pkg install git

git clone

cd sqlmap

chmod +x To run sqlmap - python2

4) Social Engineering Toolkit:

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

apt install curl -y 

curl -LO


cd setoolkit

./ install

To run:


5) Tool-X :

Tool-X is the best hacking tool specially designed for Termux. With the help of Tool-X, you can easily install 371+ hacking tools for Termux with just one click.

pkg update && pkg upgrade -y

pkg install git

git clone

cd Tool-X

chmod +x install.aex

sh install.aex


To run:


You can install more tools according to your requirement

Github repo for list for tools that you can install in termux

Termux command List 2020 :

Hope this post is informational

Until the next post stay tuned!!

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