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Vulnhub : Want some vulnerable virtual machines ?

Hello secfolks we are back with another informational post. Through this post we shall introduce you all to something that many of you may or may not know. Many experienced security researchers might know about it already.

Its the Vulnhub

When it comes to becoming a cyber security researchers skills are all that matters. For attaining good skills you should be aware about various concepts and implementation of those security concepts.

You can learn about various security concepts through any source online or offline, but what is also important is the implementation of those concepts.

Cyber Security Researchers are good guys who break stuffs (with permission) to protect them. So its important to break stuffs in order to know how to protect them to the highest degree. Back in the days hackers would go on trying to break live targets to sharpen their skills.

Even though the experience you gather from going behind live targets can be really valuable but doing so without prior permission from the owner or respective authority is illegal.

For gaining skills you can always create your own personal cyber lab.

You need only three things to create a cyber lab:

-Virtualization (using virtual box or vmware workstation)

-Attack machine (kali, parrot etc)

-Victim machine (visit vulnhub to choose)

This is where Vulnhub comes into play.

Vulnhub provides you with a long list of vulnerable virtual machines that you can download, set it up locally and practice your hacking skills upon it.

After downloading and setting the virtual machine locally you get a safe environment where you can practice and learn more security skills in a legal as well as safe way.

Choose any virtual machine and you will be provided with description, technical details and download to the vulnerable virtual machine

What is really cool about vulnhub is that they provide you a bunch of resources which will help guide you in your journey.

The categories of resources are as follows:

-Community VulnHub Resources

-(Free) Virtual Networks (VPNs) + Custom Personal Targets


-Training Material



Vulnhub is crucial for budding cyber security researchers

Hope this post is helpful

Until next post stay tuned!!

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