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WhatsApp's Limited functionality

WhatsApp says that it won't deactivate the records of users who go against its most recent protection strategy update that requires offering information to Facebook organizations

Whatsapp works with different companies and organizations and shares information with them.

Whatsapp backtracks on a past choice that gave its users a final offer to acknowledge imparting their information to Facebook on the off chance that they need to keep utilizing their record or, as another option, to erase their records.

Now WhatsApp changed and updates the new policy.

WhatsApp published a new FAQ on its website, reinforcing the May 15th deadline to accept the new privacy changes and saying that "no one will have their accounts deleted or lose functionality" because of the policy update but the user will have Limited functionality instead of account deactivation

As WhatsApp's statement details, users who will not accept the privacy updates will gradually see their accounts' functionality restricted.

Read the full privacy policy here

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