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ZEROLOGON Vulnerability

ZeroLogon is a vulnerability which exits within the netlogon protocol.

What is netlogon ?

Netlogon service is a Authentication Mechanism used in the Windows Client Authentication Architecture which verifies logon requests, and it registers, authenticates, and locates Domain Controllers.

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This vulnerability is exploitable due to flaw that is present with the encryption implimentation of AES-CFB8 (which is used for netlogon protocol encryption)

Sending a string of zeros to the netlogon triggers the vulnerability. By doing so the attacker can do privilege escalation and gain the admin privileges.

This can provide the attacker with :

-Access to the entire domain

-Further exploitation

-Network disruption

-Data exfiltration

In August 2020 Microsoft has provided a security update regarding this vulnerability which you can find here

You can use the ZeroLogon Tester Script to test your network for this vulnerability.

You can find the scipt here :

Secura has also released a whitepaper which you can find here

Hope this post was informational.

Until next post Stay tuned

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